Simply the best online Continuing Education service available for mental and behavioral health professionals.

Our customers tell us that is by far the most user friendly of the on-line CE program providers and that they're positively impressed with the depth and breadth of your course offerings. The approach is simple, but where stands out is in the large course catalog we offer and in our ability to navigate all the bureaucratic hurdles to get those courses approved and available for mental health professionals CE needs.

Addiction Counselor CE

Addiction Counselors have unique needs

Utilizing the same system as our successful system, Addiction Counselor CE is dedicated to the unique educational and regulatory environment that addiction professionals work within. CE Learning Systems has forged relationships with state and national organizations in the addictions field—for example, we are a Premier Organizational Member of NAADAC.

Supervision Assist

Create, Execute and Document a Great Supervision Plan

Supervision Assist will soon be impriving the practice of supervised clinical internships nationally. Combining the best elements of curated educational resources, opinionated best practices, and accessible online tools, we have big plans for Supervision Assist!

Live Conference & Event CE Services

Online Continuing Education is great, but sometimes it's not enough.

Recently, CE Learning Systems has sponsored live conferences, allowing conference organizers to include CE credit hours as a benefit for attendees. For example, we're sponsoring the National Conference on Addiction Disorders 2012.

In this process, we've found that live conferences and events can often facilitate rapid exchange of ideas in a more effective and efficient manner than individual coursework. CE Learning Systems is currently at work on a new service to streamline the process of offering conferences and events, and awarding CE credit hours to attendees.